Lunchbox Almost Lost His Marriage

Mon Post Show (4-22-24)

Bobby talks about getting a gift from a listener but not knowing what to do with it and gives an update on how his eBay listings are doing. He reveals how much he’s donated so far to St. Jude. We talk about why Hollywood is only cranking out remakes so much. Then the odd news of the day involved a grandma beating up a kid, an officer hooked up with an inmate and a near airplane miss that came 300ft into each other. Lunchbox gives an update on their stocks.

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Mon Full Show: Eddie's Son's Girlfriend Question + Bobby's Weird Email

Eddie's 10-year-old son asked him when the right time to have a serious girlfriend was! Plus, find out the weird email Bobby received from an executive and more!

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Mon Early Bird: Cole Swindell In Studio + What Makes Us Most Uncomfortable

Cole Swindell is in the studio! He'll tell us how he proposed, about his new love song and more! Then, find out what makes us the most uncomfortable!

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Top 5 Underrated Actors  + Movie Review: Civil War + Trailer Park: Fly Me to the Moon

Movie Mike dives deep into the world of underrated actors and discusses their standout performances. From unsung heroes to overlooked talents, get ready to discover a whole new appreciation for the actors you may have missed! In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Civil War from A24. He shares why it ended up being a much different movie than the trailer lead one, the anxiety ride it took him on, what works and where the movie could have improved to take it to a top tier film for him. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Apple’s new rom com called Fly Me To The Moon starring Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum. The film is set in the 1960s and features Johansson as a marketing exec hired by NASA to film a fake moon landing in case the real mission fails. 

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Sunday Sampler - The Nashville Podcast Network (4-21-24)

In this episode, you'll hear highlight clips from the past week of some of the podcasts on The Nashville Podcast Network- The BobbyCast, 4 Things with Amy Brown, Sore Losers and Get Real with Caroline Hobby. You can listen to new episodes weekly wherever you get your podcasts!

Find them on Instagram:

-The BobbyCast- @BobbyCast

-4 Things- @4ThingsPodcast

-Sore Losers- @soreloserspodcast

-Get Real- @GetRealCarolineHobby

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Best Bits: Listener Q&A With Morgan and Amy

Morgan and Amy answer listener submitted questions! Morgan shares shout outs from Karen, Emily, Amylyn, and Jennifer. They discuss Amy’s weeks without the kids, advice for those going through divorce and the top straits she’s looking for in a guy. They share some behind-the-scenes of Lunchbox’s recent post show rage, and the time Amy smashed Eddie’s TV. Plus, they discuss celebrity encounters that made them star struck, and the things they’re looking forward to most this summer.

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This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!


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Best Bits: Amy & Morgan Share Proud Moments + Origin Of Amy's Bird Signs

Happy Weekend! Morgan and Amy reveal some recent moments that made them really proud of themselves. They discuss their favorite things right now and current TV binges. Plus, Amy shares when the bird signs first started happening with her mom and dad.

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Binge-Free Brain Part 1: Beyond The "White-Knuckle" Trap (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Feeling like willpower just isn't enough to conquer your binge eating? You're not alone! Amy and Leanne are here for the first episode of the Binge-Free Brain series, and the first episode dives deep into the 3 biggest mistakes women make when trying to "out-discipline" or outsmart their eating habits.

Discover why restriction and white-knuckling it can actually backfire, and learn how to approach food freedom from a different, more empowering perspective. This is the first step to breaking free from the binge-eating cycle and re-wiring your brain to build a healthy relationship with food.


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

Leanne Ellington // // @leanneellington

To learn more about re-wiring your brain to heal from the all-or-nothing diet mentality for good....but WITHOUT restricting yourself, punishing your body, (and definitely WITHOUT ever having to use words like macros, low-carb, or calorie burn) check out Leanne's FREE Stressless Eating Webinar @

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