Dr. Luckey Reveals There Are Limits For Botox & Worst Things For Your Skin

Dr. Luckey is a MD, board certified female plastic surgeon that specializes on reconstructive surgery of the body. She first came on The Bobby Bones Show to stitch Amy’s torn earlobe in the studio. She ripped it by accidentally pulling the earring all the way through it when she was talking with her hands. Since then, Amy has had multiple follow-up appointments with Dr. Luckey, and it's healed up nicely and she can re-pierce it in two weeks!  Tearing your earlobe is extremely common due to the ear-piercing stretching over time.  

Dr. Luckey’s love for medicine began in High School when she was trained to be a medical assistant and worked in an internal medical office. She does not mind when someone refers to her by her first name, Natasha, and doesn’t call her Dr.  

Bobby Bones asked her a few medical questions. Find out the answers below!  

  • How Does Botox Help? - Bones has broken a few teeth because he grinds and clenches them a lot. So, his dentist gave him Botox and it helped. Dr. Luckey said Botox is a neuromodulator and it affects how your muscles move and it will work for as long as it’s effective at the neuromuscular function and it works to paralyze the muscle. You won’t get complete paralysis of the muscles unless you are over injecting. It can be used for many different reasons, like shooting it in the traps to give your neck a thinner appearance. Most women use 20-30 units per session.  Dr. Luckey called Botox parties “back-alley Botox.” She doesn’t do them because people’s insurance only covers them for one location. Anyone who has a license to inject can give people Botox, so Dr. Luckey stressed the importance of making sure to use personal judgement and know exactly how your injector is certified because getting any work done.  
  • How To Look Younger? - That is the number one question she gets asked. She said it starts with good skincare and then using Botox and fillers. Filler fills the wrinkles where Botox prevents them. They can be used for other reasons too like making a certain area on your face look more lifted. She said everyone has their own preference of how they want to look, so it’s important to work with them and figure out the aesthetic they are going for.  
  • How Long Would Recovery From Liposuction On The Stomach Take? - There are ways to numb it and prevent pain, but liposuction is typically a painful procedure. A lot of patients have the misconception they can lose weight doing liposuction but that is not the case. Your BMI needs to be relatively low and less than 30. The fat doesn’t come back, but if you gain weight, you will gain it disproportionately because you’ve already removed the cells in the area causing you to gain the weight in other places.  
  • What Is A Tummy-Tuck? - It’s a procedure most patients want to have after having multiple pregnancies and their skin and muscles might be stretched out. In the procedure, they essentially unbutton the belly button, cut around it, elevate the skin up and pull it down and rebutton it. It tightens the skin, improvs the contour and while they are in there, they fix the muscles that are often split after childbearing. She said it is probably the most painful surgery in all of plastic surgery and has a long recovery time. It does restore the anatomy and patients' self-confidence. When paired with an augmentation of breasts, it can be done with and without implants, it’s referred to as a Mommy Makeover. She also confirmed that you can breastfeed with breast implants.  
  • What Is A BBL? - A Brazilin Butt Lift is liposuction used on multiple parts of the body, reprocessing that fat, and injecting it into the butt. It doesn’t lift the butt; it just makes it bigger.  
  • How To Fix Hair Loss? - To fix hair loss is extremely difficult, but one of the best methods is taking the hair follicle, breaking it down into a unit and then manually transplanting it and it will continue to grow. It’s a very labor-intensive procedure so she does not practice it anymore. 
  • Is Getting Too Much Botox Bad? - Getting too much Botox will backfire on you later in life. It’s because you don’t need to use the same unit amount from year one as you do year five because the muscle gets used to it.  

Natalie, her esthetician, was also in the studio and she answered some skincare questions. The use of retinol helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Not going in the sun and not drinking can help your skin and said the best thing you can do is wear sunscreen every day and not get into a tanning bed.  

  • Are Popping Zits Bad? - Popping zits is bad if you’re not a trained professional pimple pooper. When people try to pop their own pimples a lot of the time it causes more damage, and it spreads bacteria and infection. She said the best and safest way to pop the zit on your own is to make sure the skin and your hands are clean. Wear latex gloves if you have them and wipe the area with alcohol. Sometimes she will break the skin with a sterilized pen or needle, so you open it up and that way you don’t put as much pressure on the skin and gently squeeze.  

For more information, follow her @NatashaLuckeyMD on Instagram and femaleplasticsurgeryassociates.com.  

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