Abby Leigh Anderson’s Song “Hey There Hometown” Out Today

The Bobby Bones Show's, Abby Leigh Anderson, premiered the studio version of her song “Hey There Hometown” that is out today (Sept. 14). She wrote the song with Billy Dawson, Chace McDaniel and Eric Dodd after Bobby Bones challenged her to write and perform an original song.  

It was the first song she ever wrote, and she wanted it to be about the place she came from and her journey from there to Nashville. She recorded it at a studio and is usually nervous to sing in front of people there, but luckily it was set up for her to face the wall and she felt good about it. The song means a lot to her, and she is extremely proud of it and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. The show asked her about a specific person that is mentioned in the song, but she said she will speak about it soon!  

To help promote the song, Bones is going to feature it as the Spotlight Artist Song of the week on the Country Top 30 Countdown and put it on the Women of iHeart Country Show!  

The song is available on all streaming services now, just search Abby Leigh Anderson!  

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