Pug Eats Owner's Engagement Ring, Leaves Owner With $2,500K Vet Bill

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26-year-old Shelby Ann Perry from Atlanta, Georgia was braiding her hair and decided to take off her engagement ring so it wouldn't get stuck in her hair. She placed the ring on her bedside table without much thought to it.

She then noticed her two-year-old pug Patrick on the floor next to her, appearing to have something in his mouth. After chasing him around the house, Perry said she thought he didn't end up getting into anything. But after she went to put her engagement ring back on and didn't find it, she thought the worst.

Her fears were confirmed after taking Patrick to the vet's office and the ring was discovered in his stomach. Perry was warned that it could potentially kill him due to the sharp edges, but thankfully Patrick will be just fine.

The vets successfully removed the diamond and sapphire engagement ring from his stomach. Besides a $2,500 vet bill, everything will be fine now.

Photo: Getty Images

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