Listener Prompts Introspective Into Producer Eddie's Life

The Bobby Bones Show listeners get a glimpse into the lives of those on the show through various segments and challenges. Today (January 24) a listener called into the show to share his adoration for Eddie. The listener said that he relates really well to Eddie due to his dad life and not having much hair.

The call prompted an introspective into Eddie and his life. Listeners learned during the segment about Eddie's fostering situation with his two foster kids, as well as his own two kids. They also learned that he is not really a morning person, but stays relatively positive all the time. For those who didn't already know, they learned that Eddie is one half of Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots along with being a musician and singer songwriter on his own. He used to work in television before coming over to do the radio show. He tends to be the 'life of the party' whenever he's in big situations.