Little Big Town Originally Recorded "American Kids" For An Album

It hasn't even been a month into 2020 and Little Big Town is already making moves, they just dropped their ninth studio album Nightfall. The foursome stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new album, but also make some hard decisions about which song they'd cut from their setlist.

Nightfall started as just a concept, the band was talking about all of the good memories that come with night time. They all agreed how it can be romantic, but also be lonely. With the new album, they are also headed out on "The Nightfall Tour". Little Big Town said that the entire new record is woven into their show, and they love to get romantic about the music and the songs. They try to create the perfect atmosphere for fans to experience something different ever tour. The foursome confessed that they learn things the hard way when it comes to their tours, typically they find out what the crowd is into on the first few nights of shows and switch things up. The group also noted how they're just normal people and get their feelings hurt too, they always see when people leave during their new songs and it does hurt them.

Despite all of their experiences over the years, they all still get nervous before every performance. Karen Fairchild confessed the last time she got really nervous was before performing The National Anthem at the Tennessee Titans game. Karen and Kimberly shared that before every performance they obsessively blow their pitch pipe making sure they're perfectly tuned up together. Phillip and Jimi also sing in the band, but really lend their hand when it comes to playing guitar. Jimi confessed that he didn't start playing guitar until he was in the band, but Phillip has been playing since he was 14-years-old.

Arguably one of the band's biggest songs is "Girl Crush," and Karen shared a new story about how the group came into the song. Karen said that it's always a race for the good songs and she heard "Girl Crush" quickly after a write and called dibs so hard on it, that she wouldn't let the writers play it for anyone else or talk about it. She admitted that when they do something like this, it's pretty much a guarantee that the artist calling dibs has to record the song. Another well-known country song "American Kids," was actually in the hands of Little Big Town and they went as far as recording it. But, then they heard that Kenny Chesney wanted it and realized the song was definitely a better fit for him.

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