New app locks your kid's phone until they answer your calls!

I grew up before smart phones were a thing...I never had a cell phone until I was an adult (yep, I'm THAT old). But kids today often get cell phones at fairly young ages so their parents can keep up with them. Do you have a kid or teenager who is notorious for ignoring your calls and texts, even though you know good and well that the phone never leaves their sight?? Mom, I didn't see you called!  Yeah, right!

Well, a father has invented a new app that will make your ignored calls and texts a thing of the past!

It's called ReplyASAP and you can download it now! It can freeze your child’s phone and sound an alarm, in silent mode, to remind them to call you back. It essentially forces teenagers to stop what they are doing and reply to their parents. 

Until the receiver responds, they won’t be able to use other functions on their Android phone.

The app launched on Google Play in August 2017 and has since been downloaded 75,000 times. Most reviews are positive, although some noted that the installation was a little confusing due to the permissions the app needs.

The basic app is free although for a few dollars you can unlock more functionality.

The app was made with kids and parents in mind, but I guess you could use it for your spouse/partner as well. 


Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

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