Oreo Chocolate Eggs!!

Normally we would have to wait for Easter to get our hands on a chocolate egg! This holiday season however, Easter has came early! Watch out Cadbury there's a new chocolate egg in town! How did I miss this over Christmas???

Oreo is selling chocolate goodness! Yes these are the same chocolate eggs that you see around Easter time but they are filled with Oreo creme and bits of Oreo cookies, according to Delish. With these Oreo-filled chocolate eggs you don't have to buy just one, they come in a 5 pack! You would think that Oreo would sell one a dozen of them... you know, since they're eggs.

According to the Instagram account@theimpulsivebuy, you can buy a box of this chocolate goodness at Walmart! There's no more info on how long these will be around but my bet is if they do well this holiday season they will be back for Easter to come after Cadbury.