Answers!! For ALL Your "Red White And Boom" Questions.

First off, OMG look at Mike Tyler and myself from 2015! That's four years ago I feel like we look so different now!! Mike we need to catch another pic like this for 2019 so we can do a side by side!

Next, I know you have questions about Red White and Boom. What time does it start? Can I bring a blanket, cooler, my dogs? What time do the fireworks start? What about parking? See? I know you have questions so I created this blog to give you the link to all the answers!


Just so you know, the answers for above are as follows; Gates open at 5pm. Yes you can bring a cooler as long as you don't have alcohol. No pets, only service animals allowed. Fireworks start at 9:30pm. Yes parking and a free Boom bus.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow at RWB!! Yell BOOM when I hit the stage, that way I know you read this! lol

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