The "Secret" Bumper Sticker

The story behind the "bumper sticker."

My Dad loves to joke around and he loves to "poke the bear" (purposely bug someone with the intent of getting them irritated)

Dad just has a hard time taking what he dishes out.   

So, my Dad apparently put a sticker on my brother's truck without him knowing.  The bumper sticker below was my brothers payback to my Dad.  I guess Dad drove around with it for a while without knowing until he stopped for gas.  The attendant (in Oregon you don't pump your own gas) said, "That is the best bumper sticker I have ever seen!"  My Dad, confused, got out and went to the back of his truck to see the bumper sticker for the first time.  He is not happy!  Hahaha hey, you started it Dad!  Secretly I think he really enjoys having it on his truck.  Wouldn't you?

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