Dry January Week 1 DOWN!

I've officially made it through a week of no booze! Has it been hard? Not really, but I haven't been in any situations where I regularly have a drink in hand. Dinners with friends who are drinking and concerts for sure I may feel a little awkward.

I did get a few invites for dinner last week from friends who gave me the forewarning "look I'm gonna be a bit lame because I'm not drinking this month". Of course I was elated to have a little solidarity from my friends. This is the week I'm going to test dinner with drinkers. 

I can't say I've noticed any crazy changes other than I crave sugar a bit more. I've been keeping black cherry sodas in the fridge in case I feel the need. Replacing with sugar isn't awesome, but at least I'm only drinking one beverage instead of five. 

I will say I did have so much more time for activities! I made sure to fill the weekend with things to do. 1st with some Netflix bingeing - 1st the show "You" & then a little "Penny Dreadful". Of course the show Penny gave me the grand idea to ask Colton if he knew any good psychics. Of course he pulled through! 

Took a little trip to Salem to see a lady named Lorelei with my cousin. The first thing that had me paying attention was when Lorelei asked me if I drink? I told her "Not this month... dry January!". To which she told me "GOOD"! She could tell I was a little down and that I should just focus on working out. OK I was paying attention! 

As for everything else she told me about my dating/future well I'll let you know if it comes true! 

Sunday I was once again able to wrangle my cousin Shelley into an outdoor adventure! I've had serious dog mom guilt about moving my dog to the other side of the state where I have to really plan to take her places where she can roam in the woods! People kept telling me about Blue Hills!!!! Finally knocked it off the list of places to explore and Roxy loved it!!! 

Weekend one down!!! How's your Dry January thus far? If you slipped up... no big deal! Just refocus on why you're attempting it in the first place! 


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