Why I'm Attempting Dry January

Well it's gonna be another 30 days before I drink something as beautiful as the below creation, but I'm on a serious mission. 

Many people embark on Dry January because they feel guilty about the amount they've downed over the holiday season, for myself it's more about mental well-being for 2019. 

Winter months for New Englanders can be a little rough with the lack of light - I call it "THE SAD" (Seasonal Affective Disorder). However, I don't just deal with SAD I manage depression all year. It just so happens that January can be a little tougher for me. 

I've been very open with you all about my own struggles with depression in order to help breakdown the stigma. 

Being open with myself and others has been a great tool in managing my own mental health. I've learned to be a bit more in tune with what's going on in my life and how it may in fact affect my mood. 

What I learned in my twenties before I treated my anxiety/depression - 

Lack of light + depression/anxiety + alcohol (because it seems like a good coping mechanism) = YOU'RE THE CRYING GIRL AT THE BAR!!! 

If you forgot alcohol is in fact a depressant! So if you're already in a bad way you're basically pouring gasoline on a fire. - Wisdom I gained in my later 20s. 

Now to the present - Lately my energy has been low and I've just felt heavy. So for the month of January the reason why I'm going dry is so that I can be a bit more in tune with how I'm feeling and hopefully boost my energy levels back up! 

Are you embarking on a Dry January? If you are good luck to you and just remember why you're choosing to do it! And whatever you do ... don't let it be a reason to go balls to the wall come February! 

I've downloaded an app from the UK "Dry January" that shows you how much money/calories you save by staying dry during the month. It provides a little extra motivation! 


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