PHOTOS: My wife & I got a 3D sonogram of our baby girl!

My wife & I are so excited to meet our babygirl in May! In case you missed it, we've named her Denver Rose, and she is due May 3rd! After our twins were born, we were pretty sure we were done, but always said we wished we had a daughter! No doubt that God was listening, and had his hand in making our dream come true! Denver is healthy as ever, and is growing right on schedule! It never ceases to amaze me the miracle that is a baby!

Our three boys kept asking about baby sister, and when she was coming home, haha. So Ashley and I decided to take them to see her! We're got a 3D sonogram done and the boys were MESMERIZED! They kept waving at the screen saying, "hey baby sister!" It melted my heart to be honest! Check out the sonograms below!

There's no doubt in my mind either. My wife is the MOST GORGEOUS pregnant woman ever!! She's so strong, it absolutely blows me away!