Miami-Dade Schools Denies A Poem "Ban"

One parent, Daily Salnias at Bob Graham Educational Center, a K-8 in Miami Lakes, objected to four books in the school library and even the poem read by Amanda Gorman at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. “I found a few books with inappropriate content inside, talking about gender ideology, CRT, and communism,” Salinas said.

The school district, however, says upon review, as mandated by law, it decided to allow middle school-age kids to have access to the materials to which Salinas objected.

The poem's author, Amanda Gorman, outraged about what was reported as a so-called "banning" of her material, took to Twitter:

Under the Parental Rights in Education Law, anyone from the public, regardless of whether they have education expertise, can file a complaint about any book in a public school and it must be removed until it can be reviewed by a committee. It gives one parent, for example, the power to impact everyone else’s children.

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