DeSantis Reiterates Plans to Fight Biden Job Jab Rule

FORT MYERS -- Governor DeSantis says he's ready to join any court battle over the Biden administration's mandate of vaccines in workplaces.

DeSantis responded to a reporter's question only minutes after the president spoke about vaccines and COVID.

The governor told reporters "we are going to contest that immediately... we think the state of Florida has standing to do it, and we also know business that we are going to work with to contest it."

DeSantis said that he does not believe the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has the authority to issue such a rule. He noted that OSHA cases such as this are taken directly to federal appeals courts - in Florida's case, the 11th district in Atlanta.

The governor wondered why the feds have not yet issued the emergency rule, despite announcing it seven weeks ago.

Photo: Getty Images

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