AdventHealth warns of thousands of deaths due to missed cancer screenings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Lisa Minton with AdventHealth Orlando Breast Cancer Care fears the deadly consequences from patients missing screenings during the pandemic.

"We're anticipating up to 10,000 potentially unnecessary deaths from breast cancer in the next five to seven years," Dr. Minton says, "just because of the missed screenings."

Patients have missed screenings because they didn't want to risk exposure to the coronavirus. Some missed screening for financial reasons.

"What is very sad to both hear and see are patients presenting with very advanced cancers who are trying to hold out until they become Medicare eligible."

Dr. Minton recommends those without a family history of breast cancer begin screenings at age 40. For those with a family history she recommends initiating screenings 10 years younger than the youngest relative diagnosed with breast cancer.

Florida's First Lady Casey DeSantis was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and the 41 year old has already begun early treatment.

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