What We've Learned About The Royal Palm Beach Publix Shooter

Royal Palm Beach Publix

Photo: CBS 12

A Royal Palm Beach Publix has reopened after Thursday's double murder- suicide.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says there is still no known connection between shooter 55-year old Timothy J. Wall and his victims, a 69-year old grandmother and her one year old grandson.

Over the weekend, PBSO released several 911 calls from shoppers in the store when the shots rang out, including one caller who said he saw Wall shoot the child in the head. That caller couldn't say whether the child was on the ground because everybody ran out of the store as soon as the first shot was heard.

The Publix at corner of Okeechobee and Royal Palm Beach Boulevards reopened to the public on Saturday, and people continued placing items like flowers and teddy bears outside the store, as the memorial to the victims grows.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is upset that nobody reported to the agency Facebook posts from Wall that he wanted to "kill people and children." The social media site shut down the man's Facebook and Instagram accounts on Thursday, the day of the shooting. It's not clear when the threatening posts initially showed up online.

The Palm Beach Post says Wall used a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun. His former sister-in-law told the paper that her sister, Wall's ex-wife, reported him to multiple agencies. PBSO says they only received one complaint about Wall, two years ago.

The former sister-in-law also says Wall suffered from schizophrenia and was an unemployed part-time carpenter.

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