Florida's Lt. Governor Weighs In On Nova's Call For Students To Vaccinate

The DeSantis administration will be looking into Nova Southeastern University's announcement that all students must have proof of COVID-19 vaccinations before showing up for school this fall.

"That's very much against what we're trying to do here. We want to make vaccines available for all but mandated for none."

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez was referring to Governor DeSantis' executive order last week that bans so-called "vaccine passports." It states that businesses can't demand proof of vaccinations.

She was asked to comment on Nova's move.

"I'm not a lawyer, but I will tell you that I don't think that is unconstitutional. That's something that I think the courts will need to opine at the appropriate time if somebody challenges that."

Nunez calls it a continual erosion of our constitutional liberties.

NSU is the first college in the state to make such an announcement.

Photo: Getty Images