COVID-19 can trigger 'smell blindness.'

Dry cough, fever and shortness of breath are the key symptoms of the coronavirus- but there are others- including 'smell blindness.'

"Because of the way the virus attacks the respiratory tract- especially the nose-" Dr. Tim Hendrix with AdventHealth says, "it affects those cells that we sense smell with- and that's called "anosmia." I haven't said that since medical school so you have to forgive me."

Dr. Hendrix says we all need to stay vigilant about social distancing if we want to see the curve of new cases flattened sooner than later.

"Every few days we're going to double the number of cases and that's how these outbreaks work. The way we can blunt that is by keeping away from each other because this is a virus that is spread from person to person and keeping that distance is the way we can slow the spread, flatten that peak."

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