Feds Accuse Florida Man in Neo-Nazi Intimidation Plot

SEATTLE -- A Florida man with extremist ties is among four facing federal charges of conspiring to intimidate journalists and activists.

Federal prosecutors say 20 year old Taylor Parker-Dipeppe of Spring Hill and three other men were part of a neo-Nazi group that targeted people using posters with swastikas, violent images and threatening language, left at their homes.

According to the complaint, Parker-Dipeppe tried to deliver one of those posters to a Tampa reporter who was born and raised in Puerto Rico... but got the wrong address.

Prosecutors say Dipeppe and his co-defendants, Cameron Shea, Kaleb Cole, and Johnny Garza, were involved with the Atomwaffen, a group that came to the feds' attention when Devon Arthurs was arrested in Tampa in 2017 in the murder of his two roommates. Arthurs reportedly told law enforcement that he had converted to Islam and that he was trying to stop Atomwaffen members from committing acts of terrorism.

They'll all eventually make court appearances in Seattle, where the case was filed.

Photo: Getty Images

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