Florida Lawmakers Want College Credit For Service Members & Veterans

Florida lawmakers are fast-tracking legislation that would allow service members and veterans to receive college credits for their military training, in an effort to save them time and money. Proposals in the House and Senate were approved in their final committee stops Thursday and are now able to be considered by each chamber as early as next week. 

The bills would direct the Florida Department of Education to determine what types of military experience and training would be able to be turned into academic credits.

House bill sponsor State Representative Mel Ponder said, "That does one thing to lighten their load and transition them more easily, making it more adaptable and acceptable to open a business or to get a job in their field of expertise. That is a great thing we can do to honor the military.”

Under the legislation, any college credits or clock hours awarded to service members for their military experience would be guaranteed to transfer to other Florida universities, colleges, or career centers.