Driver's License Suspended? Florida Clerks Offer a Quicker Way Back

TALLAHASSEE -- Most of Florida's county court clerks and comptrollers are taking part in a statewide program to help people with suspended licenses and outstanding fines get back behind the wheel.

Operation Green Light runs during mid-October (dates vary) in 60 of Florida's 67 counties. It gives people a chance to save on overdue fees and fines and is intended to make it easier to get their licenses back.

Nearly half a million Floridians have suspended licenses because of various violations.

Operation Green Light runs the week of October 12-19. Dates vary by county. The counties set a common period for the program, according to Clay County Clerk of Courts Tara Green, because drivers could have fines or fees from multiple counties.

More information is available at this link.

Listen to an interview with Tara Green:



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