Our Top Bobby & Dusty Moments

Bobby and Dusty were the most incredible human and dog duo. They shared many special moments together along their individual paths of life. After Bobby shared the news that Dusty has passed on to doggy heaven, here are our favorite 'Bobby & Dusty' moments. 

Doggie licks.


Hitting the road.


Backyard hangouts.




Car rides.


All the car rides.


No really, ALL the car rides.


Pre-show pep talks.


Testing out new stuff.


Daytime snuggles.


Late night snuggles.


Meeting new friends.


Hiding in costumes.


This is only a small snapshot into the life of Bobby and Dusty. You can scroll for hours on Bobby's Instagram of all of his moments he shared with Dusty, but these are some of our favorites. 


Rest in peace Dusty. 


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