BORNS & Lana Del Rey Team Up On Dreamy 'God Save Our Young Blood'

BØRNS' sophomore album, Blue Madonna, is out in less than two weeks and the alt pop singer is back with yet another taste of the forthcoming set called "God Save Our Young Blood" featuring Lana Del Rey.

For the almost-four minute synth-heavy cut, the pair sing about late nights and young love over some dreamy production, courtesy of Tommy English, who also worked on the majority of BØRNS' debut album, Dopamine. While LDR doesn't have any solo verses, the soft allure of her voice appears through the track as prominent background vocals.

'"We met virtually before we met face to face I guess that's how it is these days. the first time we met we FaceTimed and then I started doing a lot of collaborations with her sister Chuck who's an amazing photographer," Børns recalled of beginning of their collaboration. 

"Chuck shot all the photography for my album and we've been collaborating on some video projects and Lana was around and I showed her some stuff on the record. I really had her in mind when I was writing 'Young Blood' and I think subliminally I was trying to do background vocals that sounded like her I was trying to do my best Lana impression and she was like 'I feel like I'm already on this song' and I was like 'Yeah that's kind of what I was going for.'"

Blue Madonna drops on January 12th via Interscope.


Photo: Getty Images


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