Bobby Spent Some Of The Holiday Break In Hawaii

posted by Morgan Huelsman -

Over the holiday break, all of the show members were off to go spend the holidays with family, friends in hometowns or some went on a vacation. 

Bobby wouldn't tell us where he was headed, but now we know! Bobby spent some days in Hawaii exploring, watching lots of Netflix and posting things on social media for us to vicariously live through him. 

He went snorkeling and saw a sea turtle. 

He 'hiked' or as he would call it walked to Diamond Head Summit Viewpoint. 

He saw the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu.

He drank virgin, delicious drinks. 

He ate dinner at a rotating restaurant with an epic view. 

He met some listeners on the streets! 

He also did lots of work... on his new book!! 

We're happy Bobby got to spend some time on a beautiful island watching Netflix and 'relaxing.'