Mike Tyler's Experience at Frantz EyeCare!

Hey, its Mike Tyler!

Wow, it doesn’t seem possible but the beginning of June marked one year since having my eyes corrected at Frantz Eye Care! It all started a few years back when I noticed my vision starting slipping. First it was up close vision, I started to needed readers to see things up close and to read, then I noticed after a while I couldn’t see as far distance wise as in the past like street signs and whatnot. But, I was in denial at first with today’s technology (i.e.. iphone, and Kendle) I just kept making the font bigger and BIGGER.. Till one day we were at a concert with some friends and one of them just happen to look over at me while I was looking something up on my phone and she said “Gees Mike they can see that from the back row”. Then I realized "ok" maybe I do need to get my eyes checked. That’s when I reached out to Dr Frantz. We set up a free consolation to see if I was a candidate for LASIK. Well come to find out I was, for my up close difficulties Dr. Frantz introduced me to KAMRA Inlay as well that’s what allowed me to get rid of the readers so they checked me for that as well and I was a candidate for that too.

I had LASIK in my right eye and KAMRA Inlay in my left. So far the whole process was easy and has been life changing! The whole procedure worked so well for me even my Son had LASIK to correct his vision too! All I can say is if you are tired of wearing contacts, glasses, and readers there is help out there and the folks at Frantz Eye Care can help you have better vision. Don’t go another summer here in Southwest Florida having to wear those glasses and contacts; it’s much easier to enjoy the beach without them. Don’t wait call Frantz Eye Care today and get started with the next chapter of your life. Call 239-791-2020 or online at Bettervision.net let them know you heard about from me on Cat Country 1071.

Check out some of the photos from my procedure.... heads up / caution the last picture is of the KAMRA Inlay so you'll see a close up of my eye I just wanted to let you know in case stuff like that freaks you out.. lol

Thanks. Mike T

Mike's LASIK
Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler

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