My Ringing Ears & The Hyperbaric Chamber

Mike in the Chamber

Kicking off this Friday in the Hyperberic chamber! I told you on the show I would keep you updated. So here it goes, I stated this treatment back in a December to stop my tinnitus (ringing ears). If you experience this you know how nerve racking it can be. I stared by going to the ear doctor, just to find out my hearing in fine, there were a few tones I’ve lost the ability to hear over the years. Being a former cop and going to the range, and of course the obvious wearing headphones half of my life (and maybe little to loud at times) didn’t help. But over all the Doc said I’m fine and he really couldn’t explain why some folks experience ringing ears and some don’t. Moving on, I tried chiropractic care making sure my neck and jaw were all in line and I still do that, then moved on to acupuncture, still no luck. Then one day while at a Cat Country appearance I met Wendy from Yollo Wellness here in Fort Myers, we were talking and I can’t even remember how the topic ringing ears came up but it did. That’s when she ask me if I had ever heard of hyperberic treatment ? I had not. So I made an appointment, at this point I’m up for anything to make the ringing stop. So, the first thing they did was some extensive blood work (thank goodness for insurance, blood work is not cheap these days) to see what’s going on inside. When the results came back it was time to make some nutritional chances and get the right vitamins. To correct some stuff my body was lacking and whatnot. 

I’ve learned during this process you have to allow the body to heal form the inside out... getting in the pressurized chamber, while being pumped with oxygen... allows the oxygen to get deep into the blood, cells, tissue, joints and all throughout the body allowing it to heal whatever the body is fighting or trying to heal, or struggling with, makes since right. 

Now let’s shift gears for second, I’m getting a little more personal with ya here, stay with me now. On Jan 3rd 1987 I broke my back in a sporting accident that put me in a body cast / Fiberglas brace for over a year. Which has caused me a lot of pain over the years sometimes worst as I  get older, I don’t bitch about it (to anyone but my Awesome wife Cory.. who has heard a LOT about it lol)  I just move on life it is what it is. God is good and I grateful for him.

I told you all of that to say this, after starting these treatments in the hyperbaric chamber the pain I’ve had in my back for so many years is going away... sometimes feels gone!! All the little aches and pains in the body are leaving or gone as well. I must say this has been amazing. I see why Tiger Woods and other athletes have these things in there homes. lol

Ok, back to the ringing ears, yes the hyperbaric treatment has helped a lot and has turned the noise way down. It hasn’t stopped it completely yet but I’m still going through some more treatments. But I have learned a lot here about what can trigger tinnitus, and more ways to work on turning it off.

That's my story and the update. Of course whenever we see each other our and about here in SW FL please feel free to walk up and chat. 

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler

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