Is Miranda Lambert The "Jolene" Of Country Music?!

It happens in life, sometimes you show your a**.  If the stories we are reading about Miranda Lambert are true, she has definitely showed hers.  Miranda has apparently been able to steal another woman's husband right out from under her.  Miranda is supposedly dating Evan Felker, Lead singer of the Turnpike Troubadours (the band she invited to open for her on tour).  All signs point to Evan being happily married to his wife Staci going in to the tour and GHOSTING her when it finished!  He only resurfaced to file divorce papers.  Now, we can't be sure if Blake Shelton's tweet has anything to do with Miranda Lambert's actions, but it seems highly likely.  READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE plus check out Staci's latest insta story (dang I feel for this girl).  I get people can instantly fall in love, but there is definitely a better way to go about exploring it as to not crush others!

Amy Lynn


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