Pet Lovers!! The "Shed Defender" Is Here!!

When I saw this gem pop up I knew I had to share! The Shed Defender claims to considerably reduce the amount of pet hair that you find EVERYWHERE as a pet owner.  Seriously, we have 7 dogs.  We have rolling tumbleweeds of Japanese Chin hair that floats around if we don't stay on top of the grooming!  My concern with the SHED DEFENDER?  Will dogs actually like wearing it?!

So, I went to instagram to find out!  All it actually took was this pic of a Japanese Chin wearing one!  I. AM. IN.  Now to pick out the right sizes and colors for all seven dogs.  Or should they all wear the same color like a tribe?  Hmmm

Below the pic, check out a video with the creator of Shed Defender!  He says it took him 5 years to perfect it! 

Amy Lynn


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