posted by Sarah Jacobs -

Please be true, please be true, please be true...

A world tour is in the works for the Spice Girls reunion! 

Speculation about a reunion began last week when Victoria Beckham (aka: Posh Spice) posted a photo to Instagram showing all five Spice Girls hanging out. Now TMZ is saying it's really happening!

Initial reports had ALL five women reuniting for a greatest hits album, TV shows and endorsement deals. TMZ now indicates there will be a series of concerts in Europe and later in the fall across the United States!

There are at least 15 reasons why the reunion is happening: each of them is taking home 15 million dollars. Plus, Victoria Beckham negotiated an “I do not have to sing” clause in her contract.

Wait...Posh Spice will collect $15 million, and doesn't have to crack a single note? Where do I sign up for that dream gig? Either she's a total nightmare to work with, or a complete genius. Maybe both. Probably both.

The Spice Girls will not record any new songs. A Vegas residency is also being considered...they'll gauge residency demand based on the fans' reactions on the world tour.