It's SNOWING in Tallahassee!! REALLY!!!

posted by Sarah Jacobs -

I've lived in Florida my whole life, and I remember ONE TIME where it snowed here. It was 1989, and my family lived in Bradenton, and I saw this mysterious white stuff in the yard. It was SNOW and my little Florida self was utterly confused because I'd never seen snow before. It was bananas. I know it's snowed more recently in northern Florida, but snow as far south as Bradenton is STRANGE, y'all!

Today, it snowed in Tallahassee. And I don't mean wimpy little flakes that you can barely see, and that melt as soon as they touch something. I mean, big FAT flakes that fell in FLORIDA!! WHAAATTTT!

It's supposed to get even colder on Thursday/Friday as another cold front comes through the Sunshine State (Sunshine? What's that?!), and some meteorologists are predicting snow as far south as the Tampa Bay area. 

Meteorologists are also predicting a crazy winter storm called a "bomb cyclone." I've never heard of that before in my life, but it sounds ridiculous. Read more here.