Dad Turns His Baby Into Real Life 'Elf On The Shelf'

posted by Tige and Daniel -

While everyone is trying to come up with new and creative scenes for their Elf, one dad is taking it a step further and we just can't stop laughing.

While we can often get carried away with dressing up and posing this little elf, Alan Lawrence decided to skip the doll and dress up his baby instead.

As a father of six, he is no stranger to all the traditions that come along with the holidays. That includes the hilarious and beloved tradition of The Elf On The Shelf.

Thanks to Alan's awesome idea, we will never be able to look at The Elf On The Shelf in the same way again.

At only four-months-old, Rockwell is the youngest of Alan's children. This smiling baby was the perfect model for his own rendition of the popular Christmas tradition.

Getting the idea from all his friends who participate in the tradition, he documented his hilarious pictures on his blog.

With the help of his wife, who created the costume, Alan created a photo series to document their little elf's comings and goings and lucky for us, he keeps adding to the pictures.

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