Did you know that what you order on your first date says a lot about your personality? In a (highly unscientific) article I just read, your first date dinner order communicates a lot more than you might think.

Anything With Garlic: We are NOT making out later.


Burger And Fries: I don't care what you think. I want something delicious because I’m hungry. It’s not glamorous and you may judge me for it, so go ahead.


Buffalo Wings: I’m adventurous and not afraid of getting down and dirty.


Pasta: I’m a romantic. There’s something seductive about a savory plate of pasta, as long as sauce isn’t dripping all over the place. Lady and Tramp thought so, too.


Steak: I’m dominant and powerful. Anybody who wants to slice into a big filet with a steak knife says “I’m in control." Serious Type-A personality.



Chicken: I play it safe. Chicken is easy to eat, doesn’t smell or leave you feeling too full, but you may be perceived as boring.


Pizza: I’m down-to-earth and not too uppity.


Meatloaf: I’m not here to impress you. There’s nothing impressive or sexy about meatloaf, therefore there’s nothing impressive or sexy about this date.



Quesadilla: I’m fun, easy going and playful.


Surf And Turf: I’m fancy, sort of materialistic and expect you to pick up the tab.


Salmon: I like you and consider your feelings. I chose a lean piece of fish that’s not too smelly or hearty, tastes good and is classy.


Chicken Fingers: I am a child trapped in an adult’s body and am unaware that you’re probably judging me.

What do you think of this list?

I once went out with the most picky, boring eater of all time. No matter where we went, he always wanted chicken fingers or a plain hamburger. Needless to say, we're no longer together. I can't handle a grown man who eats kid food at a nice restaurant.