Prepare to legally cheat the tax man August 1-3 when Florida's sales-tax holiday gets underway in time for back-to-school shopping.

New this year, clothing items exempted from the state’s 6-percent sales-tax increases to $100 per item and for computers and accessories, the first $750 or less is now tax-free, according to the Florida Department of Revenue. School supplies remain unchanged at $15 per item.

Clothes, shoes and accessories —  from purses to belts to backpacks — costing $100 or less per item, are also covered. Also included are school supplies (pens, pencils, binders, composition books and calculators among other items) costing $15 or less per item.

Items not covered include smartphones, jewelry, copy and fax machines, digital cameras, computer and printer paper, among other items.

Mail order and online purchases are also eligible.

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