Happy Monday!! Coffee definitely a must for Monday! Have you heard about the new "Dumb Starbucks" coffee shop that has opened in L.A?  They claim to be parody art and are serving up there horrid coffee for FREE! Check it out!  

Ahh and what is a latte without milk!! Check out this woman that posted pics of herself breasfeeding a puppy!! She claims that the pup was within an hour of dying and she saved his life.  The puppy did live, which is great.  But would you BREASTFEED a DOG?! 

Coming home to see your girlfriend breastfeeding a puppy may be a relationship deal breaker lol.  Check out 13 other ways to know your relationship is on the rocks!

Yesterday the stars were out to give some credit where serious credit is due! 50 years ago America got THE BEATLES!  Check out Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr back together to celebrate their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show!

And to end your Monday with a laugh..check out a Portland hipster out jogging in the snow..on the news...being a hipster...then taking a major slip and cracking her a** on the pavement! ENJOY!