So, you're on a first date with a HOTTIE...potential baby daddy/momma...your possible soul mate.


And then as you lean in, he/she has the NASTIEST breath EVER- like something died in there!


Or worst yet, (if that's even possible) their teeth are covered in tar!


Would you still kiss them? Would there be a 2nd date?


Chris Harrison, beloved host of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” knows that we generally size up a suitor’s appearance, physical/sexual chemistry, and personality at that first meeting. 

Harrison is teaming up with the American Academy of Periodontology to let people know that the gums they’re given are the gums they’ll have for life. Just like in a good relationship, your gums need love too. Harrison can tell you what you need to do to Love The Gums You’re With and share his coveted tips when it comes to getting and succeeding on that first date:





Frederick M. Brown / 2014 Getty Images