(Yahoo!) - It's a Hollywood ending indeed! A month after Vanessa Hudgens left her driver's license in the pocket of a borrowed coat, it was returned to her by ... Rosario Dawson.

As it turns out, Dawson also borrowed the coat and found it. (Guess it's a nice coat.) Hudgens took to her Tumblr to share the fortuitous event with friends and fans.

In the photo, the glammed-up "Gimme Shelter" co-stars are seen laughing as Dawson holds up the discovered license.

"The amazing moment when Rosario reached into the pocket of a jacket that was loaned to her by Alice + Olivia and found my driver's license," the 25-year-old star captioned the shot.

But the story wasn't over yet. "I borrowed the jacket a month ago and it's just been sitting in the pocket waiting to be returned back home to me. #CRASYBANANAS!!!! #crazytiming #thankgod lool."

It's also probably worth mentioning that — from the looks of the backdrop behind them — the event they were at when the discovery was made happened to be sponsored by Alice + Olivia. So while it would make sense that the ladies would be wearing that label that evening, we feel we have to add one last hashtag to Vanessa's thought: #bonuspress.

Photo Credit Getty Images