(Yahoo!) - Joel McHale does not recommend eating an entire bowl of wasabi.

When he did it on a dare — not as a kid, but in his late 30s, mind you — he somehow managed to keep it down. But just barely, he tells omg! in an interview.

This summer, the comedian is hanging out with '80s and '90s stars including "Fresh Prince of Bel Air's" Alfonso Ribeiro, as the celebs take on dares that Twitter users have suggested as part of the Klondike Celebrity Challenge.

However, the "Community" star will definitely be better dressed on his throwback adventures than he was in the actual days of the Carlton Dance, when he was decked out in the uber-cool Mecca jeans and Kurt Cobain-inspired gear.

"I grew up in Seattle in the '90s," McHale explains. "[But] I'm a big dorky white guy. So my grunge outfits were not the greatest. I was into it, but people were like 'meh, ok." Being in Seattle, there was also a lot of plaid."

McHale, who's since become a sitcom star and host of the E! clip show "The Soup," is very into wardrobe. No, seriously.

"I was very lucky being cast as Jeff Winger [on 'Community'], because I do love clothes," says McHale, referring to the former lawyer he plays on his NBC show. "He's very fashionable, but I guess I'm told that too on the red carpet, where I'll wear something more fashion forward."

"I would say our styles are similar," he shares. "The biggest difference between me and Jeff is our skin tone, because he spray tans. And Sabrina Rosen, who is the costumer on 'Community' has great taste. I'm always very happy with what she chooses, and she's tremendous. And Jose Camilo, he is the E! stylist and he picks out all my suits. I get very concerned about them, and he's got impeccable taste."


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