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Kip Moore stopped by the iHeartRadio Studios when he was in New York recently, where he opened up about everything from trucks to beer money to deep dark secrets. Get to know the country singer in OffBEAT with Kip Moore.

What is it about a truck?

 It works.

How do you make your own fun?

You've got to have an imagination and you have to be willing to try things that you normally wouldn't try. I grew up in a town where you had to create your own fun because we had no outlets. So you make your own fun by imagining things in your head and living them out. There was a lot of bonfires and guitars and beer drinking growing up where I was and fishing holes and you know finding some abandoned boat and getting people out in the water and you're diving in and those kinds of things so yea, you had to have a good imagination. 

How much beer money can you get by with in a night?

Well, if you get some Milwaukee’s Best or Natty Light you can go a lot further than you can getting the Bud Light Platinum so I can take $12 and be good to go. 

Is Georgia always on your mind?

95% of the time. Georgia is home for me, it will always be home for me and I miss it every day and I've been gone a long, long time but I can still smell the pines. 

When's the last time you stayed up all night?

Here in New York City. Just shutting the city down. It's nice, I'm not out binging every night but I try to keep my youthful spirit the best I can. 

What did you leave behind in Hawaii?

The best times of my life, that's what I left behind. I just recently got back. I went surfing for three weeks out there and I try to go once a year for about a month at a time and I'll surf but I found myself, I think I truly found myself in Hawaii when I was there for the first time. At 21 years old I discovered what I wanted to do with my life and I think it's because of the isolation of that place and being out there completely by myself with nothing but my thoughts and what I was going to do. It forced me to figure myself out. So I left behind the best memories to this point I've had in my life.

Is Nashville like the real Nashville?

There's tiny fragments that are, but I think the show has done a great job. Of course you can't ever script it like it exactly is in real life because you have to create drama, but the music has been great on the show and the places they go, those are a lot ofTHE places. The drama is enhanced for sure but they definitely got it right on some tiny fragments. 

What do you want to learn this year?

I never know how to quite answer that because I'm such a sponge. I'm always trying to just pick up whatever I can from these veterans. I’m a total student, I'll go out and watch every single show I can afford. You can pick up just as much from a bad show as you can from a good show. I'm always trying to learn everything: I'm always trying to learn lighting and how to keep a crowd and how you lose a crowd especially when you're playing an hour and 45 of your own music. It's different when you're playing cover tunes and everybody knows every song. It's knowing when to splice in a hit and when to experiment with a brand new song and when to stop a song. It's all about the entertainment factor. I'm learning something every single night; I'm always trying to take as much as I can from each artist.

Tell us a secret.

I'll tell you what; I'll tell you a secret. I only own about 5 shirts total and they get interchanged in and out. I have the smallest wardrobe on the planet, which is probably not hard to tell if you watch a lot of my footage. It's the same sh** over and over that I wear. The labels always want me to go shopping and take me to get new sh**, I’m like you know, I will continue to buy my Target t-shirts, cut them up andwear them out.  I keep it very, very simple. 

Photos by Katherine Tyler