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Lorde, Justin Timberlake, and Blood Orange are some of the artists who really caught Keith Urban's ear this year. 

The country star tells "Rolling Stone" he finds Lorde to be "magnetic on so many levels," and he's impressed with her "artistic depth and gravitas," especially since she's just 17 years old. 

Urban says his favorite album of 2013 is Cupid Deluxe from the British indie pop singer Blood Orange, while he not only likes Justin Timberlake's song "Mirrors" but also the way the pop superstar is keeping its meaning ambiguous. 

Urban says he's also a fan of Kanye West.  Keith says he's "relentlessly hungry, curious and passionate about new ways to express," and the rapper is "so bold and different," and essentially creating a new art form. 

Regarding country music, Keith says he's one of the many fans of Florida Georgia Line's massive hit "Cruise."  He says he could tell from the moment he heard it that the song was "going to be a behemoth."  Urban adds that songs like "Cruise" are "really hard to write because they're magical." 

What were your favorites of 2013?

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