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Jake Owen says he's getting a lot of positive feedback on his latest single, "Beachin'." 

The country star tells Nashville's "Tennessean" fans are already informing him the song is their "summer anthem," and he's "happy to be that guy for them."  The singer admits he threw some fans for a loop with his previous single, "Days Of Gold," which he calls "musically a little out there." 

The title track to Owen's latest album only made the top 20, and snapped a run of four consecutive number one hits.  But Jake says "Beachin'" "kind of gets back" to his signature sound established with his first chart-topper, "Barefoot Blue Jean Night." 

Owen adds that he hopes "Beachin'" will bring the fans to his show.  Jake will launch his "Days Of Gold Tour" in Brookings, South Dakota on March 20th.